when you're aligned, everything looks better. 

chakra imbalance changes the shape of the body

correct posture

develop muscle tone 

cultivate body symmetry

ROOT - chronic tucking of the tailbone makes your butt look smaller

SACRAL - love handles and inability to tone the lower abs

SOLAR PLEXUS - flaring of the ribs or hunching thoracic region 

HEART - rounded shoulders and sided tension exaggerates uneven breasts

THROAT - derp chin and jaw tension contribute to jowls 

THIRD EYE - facial tension contributes to asymmetry and just one squinty eye 

CROWN - overall posture and gait - the way you carry yourself 

when you're aligned, everything gets easier.

practice positive focus

ease insecurity

cut anxiety 

how chakra imbalance shows up in the emotions

ROOT -  insecurity and lacking enoughness 

SACRAL - feelings of guilt or excessive fear of missing out

SOLAR PLEXUS - soft willpower, excess anger  or hyperactivity

HEART -  fear of intimacy or weak personal boundaries

THROAT - fear of speaking or chronic oversharing

THIRD EYE - inability to make decisions, trust issues, or delusional thoughts

CROWN - paranoia, sense of disconnectedness  

feel connected

open your heart

ground yourself

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