Kanye tf Out.

Arguably, power vinyasa and rocket are currently the most popular styles of western yoga, yet I teach Hatha Yoga. As a teacher, I feel the most authentic leading powerful and expansive slow flows. All of my classes end in a Yoga Nidra Shavasana because I feel drawn to share the practice of meditation in proportional measure to asana Every aspect of my business is evidence I am doing my best to listen to my gut, and allow my intuition to drive. I have to trust the magic, teach what I know, create beauty, and have faith others will grow in the light of my example and story.

Made to Adapt.

Pay close attention to the decisions you truly make without a second thought, they have a habit of being the best ones. 

I was accepted to and attended a month-long immersive 200-hour training in Bali, Indonesia, led by Meghan Currie. On the first day, she asked us to start to think about what sort of yoga teacher we would like to be. With zero hesitation, I wrote down "healing." 

When I returned from my training, it did not occur to me to seek out clients who were sick or disabled - my interpretation of "healing" was broad. In my mind, healing is intrinsic to yoga; anyone could benefit and heal from my instruction. I began to advertise my services without an agenda, and my clients started to find me. By April 2019, I had two clients with spinal cord injuries (T6 & T4), and I led a yoga class for new SCI patients at Atrium Health in November 2019. 

This work comes naturally to me. I can connect with individuals where they are. I help them to digest trauma through asana practice, meditation, and somatic experiencing. 

My teaching style expands presence, hones intention, and creates healthy flexibility. I share Vedic philosophy, discuss nutrition, pull from Traditional Chinese Medicine, advocate self-care, and draw on my background in Cognitive Psychology to effectively educate proper form (particularly while using a wheelchair and with limited innervation). 



Ground & Abound

I am not a doctor, but I am a dot connector with a nose for the root cause. I am a student of life, I always have been. I need to know how everything works - known to disassemble vacuum cleaners and repair washing machines, my curiosity abounds. I ask all the questions, crystallize the problem, purposely dive into a research rabbit hole, and emerge with answers.

Now, when I say "answers," I mean "hypothesis," especially when it comes to medical research. I feel the scientific community's tendency to get bogged down in the bureaucracy of truth and theory limits the accessibility of health information. Still, it would be irresponsible and disrespectful to say I've somehow extracted unquestionable truths where medical professionals have not - this is not the case. I do, however, put equal stock in Ayurveda,  wives tales, and big pharma while remaining critical of source, historical confines, and informational bias. When I feel like I have a comprehensive understanding of existing information, I circle back to anatomy to rethink. 

I stay reading, continuing my education, expanding knowledge, and studying my own human experience. The reality remains, however - in essence, I use an intelligence to which I am not entirely privy to mend bodies and hearts. As an intuitive healer - sometimes, I just know things.

LiveStream Launch 

April 1, 2020

Now streaming all class sections!

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