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In 2018 I was accepted to and attended an immersive 200-hour training in Bali, Indonesia, led by Meghan Currie. On the first day, she asked us to start to think about what sort of yoga teacher we would like to be. With zero hesitation, I wrote down "healing." 


On the seventh day of my training, one of my classmates took an early morning walk on the beach and returned to the group carrying two puppies. One of the puppies was about six weeks old - healthy, active, and he even howled with us as we chanted "om" to begin our 7 am practice. The other puppy was not so healthy. She may halve been two weeks old at the time and was lethargic, dehydrated, missing a few patches of hair, and generally looked like a black potato. 


Black potato though she was - I took one look at her and said a word we had just learned in philosophy class - Isvara. 


I fed her honey water and watched as some of the other girls doted on her. One of the other women claimed the little spud and announced she would take the puppy (now named LouLou) back to Austria with her when our training ended. A few days went by. The baby was passed around in a box to be watched by whomever, and I actively restrained myself from interfering. 


While my classmate had the best intentions, she did not have plans to get the pup (sorely needed) medical attention. I've never had much of a talent for minding my own business... so on the eve of our first day off, I found myself offering to take the puppy to Canggu to see a vet. 


Admittedly, I knew that this would not be my only act of service for the pup. We saw the vet, and I watched LouLou start to feel better - running around on her little potato legs. We snuggled together in a Balinese villa, and the next morning I was calling her by her name - Isvara. 


A few weeks later, Isvara (Isa) and I  traveled back to the US together. She even rode with me in the cabin and had precisely zero accidents.  When we landed in LAX, customs waved me through without even glancing at my (completely legit) puppy declaration.


I should note that I did not make any human friends during my 30 days of training. I did, however, heal a little life that needed me. 


This work comes naturally to me. I can connect with individuals where they are. I help them to digest trauma through asana practice, meditation, and somatic experiencing. My teaching style expands presence, hones intention, and creates healthy flexibility. 


I stay reading, continuing my education, expanding my knowledge, and studying my own human experience. As strange as it may sound - I heal by employing intelligence I do not wholly understand.  As an intuitive healer - sometimes, I just know things.

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