Miracle grow for the budding yoga practice.


Without curation, one-on-on training consists of a 45-minute flow and 15-minute abbreviated Yoga Nidra meditation. The yoga series is grounding and expansive. Slow and mindful movements dial into the subtle body, build integrated strength, and soothe overactive nerves. Powerful vinyasa sequencing adds flow, creating mindfulness in transition.

Yoga Nidra is a guided meditative tradition practiced lying down. Yoga Nidra guides lead practitioners through progressive relaxation techniques, body scanning, and visualization. Yoga Nidra is a version of somatic therapy that can aid in healing anxiety, depression, PTSD, unresolved trauma, and chronic pain.

Whether your goal is to master complicated inversions, begin a meditation practice, or live life in less pain, Mishiah curates private instruction sessions based on each client's individual goals and challenges.