Your Face Will Get Stuck Like That

Too many humans walk this earth in chronic pain, miserably unaware they have the power to self-heal. There is a nasty rumor going around that has people believing their bodies will remain in working order without proper use. Just as planes rust on the ground - the human body was designed to move. It will fall into disrepair under sedentary life conditions.

Beyond a lack of movement, the body is subject to an unconscious education. Trained by trauma - both the physical and emotional body learn to cling to safety. We come into this world as fresh, mushy, highly flexible infants. As we mature, we injure our bodies, endure emotional bruising, and learn socially acceptable posture. When we do not practice daily, physical stretching, or stay mindful of posture - youthful mobility evaporates.

Physical trauma, emotional abuse, and heartbreak will store fear in the body, mind, and heart. The unconscious mind stays vigilant to triggers that may threaten reinjury, constantly scanning new environments for danger. When situations with context similar to those in which past trauma occurred, unconscious tension manifests - bracing for calculated impact.

Fascia is connective tissue - primarily composed of collagen and elastin that attaches, stabilizes, encloses, and separates muscles and other internal organs. Tension, dehydration, and lack of activity deform this connective tissue. Without moisture and movement, fascia becomes something like beef jerky holding our muscles and bones in order. When bodies become caged in dehydrated meat, range of motion depletes, and the glow of youth and skin plumpness decline.