Private instruction

I lead powerful, foundational, and expansive flows. I call subtle body activation in all postures. Over time, my students absorb these cues so that integrity is automatic and muscle memory becomes rote.


I conduct myself as a medical professional. If my students chose to share information about their lives, relationships, health, or otherwise, it remains confidential. The more students can open, and the more they name and communicate emotion and physical sensations, the better I perceive complications in the mind-body connection. The better my perception, the easier it is to teach the lessons my students' minds and bodies need.


All of my classes end in a Yoga Nidra Shavasana because I feel drawn to share the practice of meditation in proportional measure to asana. Yoga Nidra is a gentle body scanning meditative tradition. Advanced students will also learn intention (Sankalpa) setting and guided visualization practices.


In a sea of yoga teachers, my voice stands out. Every aspect of my business has organically developed since I decided to listen to my gut and allow my intuition to drive. I have to trust my magic is real enough to inspire my students to believe in their magic. I teach what I know, aim to create beauty, and have faith others will grow in the light of my example and story.