euphonia silent yoga

Euphonia Silent Yoga nurtures embodiment, intention, and focus. Each flow is designed to relax the mind while moving the body, creating a moving meditation backed by a soultronic soundtrack.


Euphonia playlists are curated to encourage students to feel. Music has a way of loosening knots in the heart - shifting and massaging moods. Noise-canceling headphones foster focus - funneling my voice mixed with the playlist into students' lovely little ears. This ambiance creates and encapsulates the individual experience that is Euphonia Silent Yoga.

The meditative aspect of Euphonia lies in the intentional of anchoring focus in sound. This is more accessible when students withdraw from the other senses, namely - sight. Humans do not convert visual information to physical posture very well. Following other yogis is like copying another student's homework right before it's due. The work gets done, the learning does not, and it looks pretty sloppy.


Furthermore, the bandwidth for human attention is limited. Relying on sight spends focus better assigned to visceral sensation, which becomes a shortcut around presence. Watching other students creates a sort of half-presence in which both the mind and the body continue to move. Thought loops, fear, planning, and distraction can still hover in the mind while students watch and half-practice. 


As students begin to soften their gaze and listen while self-directing their bodies, the mind-body connection grows strong - increasing presence through the practice of intentional focus. Euphonia is an invitation to explore the inner bounds of being - moving through bocks and beyond thresholds that complicate being - both on and off the mat. 


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